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home jobs: non-risk investment plans :

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home jobs: non-risk investment plans : Empty home jobs: non-risk investment plans :

Post by krishnamohan on Tue Aug 04, 2015 2:36 am

non-risk investment plans :

it is very importany Investment the fund without loss. It’s also important to be aware that investing is not a risk-free strategy and there’s always a chance you could lose money or not make as much as you expected. This is known as ‘investment risk’. All investments carry some risk due to factors such as inflation, tax, economic downturns and drops in particular markets.
investments aim to provide regular income. defensive investments do not usually grow in capital value, and returns are generally lower. kind of investment. Cash investments’ generally refers to investments in bank bills .it is low-risk income, no minimum investment timeframe in this class Fixed interest. It include deposits, debentures, mortgages, and corporate time frame timeframe of one to three years. Shares are generally bought and sold on a stock exchange, you can earn dividend from it, its time frame is about five to seven years
Managing investment without loss Timeframe longer you stay invested, the less investment loss you are , Tolerance if you not comfortable with a certain type of investment, it’s not worth investing Diversification Spreading your money across different types of investments may help shield you from drops in particular markets. Knowledge understand about investments and financial markets.
Gauging your risk tolerance
it will depend on your situation how much super you may have when you retire. how much you have available for saving and other investments. how tax effective is your super. understanding of the sorts of investments that might suit you best. How much can you invest to help grow your portfolio.
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