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Post by sherifalishe12 on Mon Dec 11, 2017 9:00 am

Litcoin, Ether, and of course the best known Bitcoin. Crypto currency is more and more numerous, and more and more popular. From now on, it is the states themselves that are watching these virtual currencies closely. Going as far as creating one’s own cryptocurrency, official currency: this is what Estonia envisions. It would be called ’Estcoin’. There are dozens of such currencies. Starting with the one that remains the best known bitcoin. His course has also broken records this summer, exceeding $ 5600. A sign of the growing popularity of this currency. But also its volatility - because its value depends only on supply and demand. Remember that a virtual currency has the same function as a traditional currency - as measuring the value of a good or a service, facilitating exchanges .... - but different characteristics. The euro, for example, has a legal tender, is recognized by the public authorities and everyone in the EU is obliged to accept it as payment. This is not the case of a cryptocurrency, which is also based on a decentralized system - thanks to the blockchain, secure transaction system. 49790

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