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battery reconditioning chemical

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battery reconditioning chemical Empty battery reconditioning chemical

Post by sherifalishe12 on Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:55 am

battery reconditioning chemical ;The objective of this research project is to propose a model of generic accumulator capable of predicting the behavior general of the battery during its operation as well as the proposal of an estimator of the state of charge applied to this model. The proposed model is applied on the four types of major Accumulators: lead, nickel-cadmium, metal hydrides of nickel and the lithium ions. In the first time the initial model proposed, in which the only variable of state is the state of charge of the battery, is based on a voltage source in series with a variable resistance. However, this model is the cause of a problem of algebraic loop during the simulation. Then, to remedy this disadvantage a second model derived from the first has been proposed I. The latter is based on a source of voltage controlled in series with a fixed resistor. The two models describe the electrochemical behavior of the battery in terms of voltage terminal, voltage to empty, internal resistance, the discharge current or charging, capacity of the battery and the charge state of the battery. 51578

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