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Post by sherifalishe12 on Sun Dec 10, 2017 6:55 am

Sixto Perez lives with his parents and five siblings in a trailer park in La Puente, Calif. Last year , when his father was away from the family working as a migrant farm laborer, Sixto, 12, did odd jobs after school, earning money to buy shoes for his brother and himself. One day last fall , Sixto was sweeping outside the mini-mart where he worked. A man rode up on a bicycle, flashed a wad of bills and offered him $100 to sell drugs at his school , Los Robles Elementary. Sixto knew all about drugs from a school program called S A N E(Substance Abus Narticotics Education ), run by sheriff’s deputies.Though scared,Sixto told the man ,’I only make twenty dollars a week , but I do it honestly .’Then he ran inside to the store owener,who chased the drug dealer away . This summer Sixto was honored for his integrity.The sixth-grader,who is bright but has dyslexia,received a $ 500 savings bond from the Banks of California. His mother , Efigenia Perez , looked on with approval. ’That man told my son he was crasy to work for so little money ’ she said.’But I’d rather have him honest.’ Denis Hamilton in Los Angeles Time (Reader’s Digest nov 1992) battery reconditioning battery reconditioning. 91569

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