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Mythiuu's Fan Group Chat Board/Intro Forum [ROBLOX]

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Mythiuu's Fan Group Chat Board/Intro Forum [ROBLOX] Empty Mythiuu's Fan Group Chat Board/Intro Forum [ROBLOX]

Post by Mythiuu on Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:25 pm

Hi Fans/Friends! If you're coming here from my roblox group that means you are a fan/friend of me! Please consider reading this as this explains what I do in this group!

My main goal with this group is to give a way for me to communicate with fans and announce meet and greets/special evens i will be hosting! I will post announcments on the group shout if a special event is going on and I will be allowing people with the Best Friends rank to post stuff on the shout as well. I'm not sure if this forum allows me to edit but I will be posting on this the list of people with the Best Friends rank, so that you won't be surprised when someone other than me posts on the shout. This group may be inactive at times due to school and other things so please don't think I abandonned it when I don't post on it for awhile.

I don't rank everyone to super fan. Only really active fans that I've seen a lot on my profile get ranked to super fan. For the friends rank, that rank is for people I talk to and consider my friends PLEASE do not ask for that rank, I'll rank you when I think we've become friends. The Best Friends rank is for people I talk to a lot and that I consider good friends. If you don't consider me a best friend back just tell me and I can put you back to Friends!

This forum also functions as a chat board btw


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