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Post by almightyjayyy on Sun Aug 20, 2017 7:13 am

How the process goes :

You contact me on skype (almightyjayyy), we talk about the item's price and the refund itself, you order the item and contact me after it arrives, and I Refund / Double Dip it, then you pay me 30%. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SEND THE ITEM BACK YOU WILL KEEP THE ITEM AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!!


Q. What happens if I don't pay you?

Simple, I release your dox ( I don't know if it's allowed here ) and contact Amazon to charge you for the item Smile

Q. What happens if the refund fails ?

It probably won't, as I will refuse doing refunds on fresh accounts with items like MacBook's or generally anything over 800$ or £500, in case it DOES fail you can send back the item for a full refund for Amazon and I will try to SE an item of your choice free of charge

Q. Is there a $ limit of what items you can refund?

It varies, on older and active accounts I can refund / attempt a DD for up to $1.5k, on newer accounts it's generally under 700$

Keep in mind we don't straight do this, I need to know your account age, orders per month, etc etc so it'll be easy on both of us.

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