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buy bitcoins with cash

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buy bitcoins with cash Empty buy bitcoins with cash

Post by said92 on Sat Apr 23, 2016 3:49 am

Bitcoin - a virtual currency, digital cryptocurrency, electronic media, which created an unknown programmer under the alias Satoci Nakamoto. This happened in 2009. Nobody knows where this man is and what his name is in the real world. He created not only the program but also a special application - purse on your PC containing cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Each member of the network can make instant transactions cryptocurrency without intermediaries. That is, the buyer sends the money directly to the seller. No need to go to the bank or to make money on the Kiwi-purse, you simply send Bitcoins person. Coins in the system - it’s cryptographic (mathematics) hash codes. Buy Bitcoins with cash from a living person, who they are, to give him cash rubles, dollars. Meet in public places, where catches a cell to be able to verify the receipt of Bitcoins to your wallet (here you useful online wallet). In addition, many vendors cryptocurrency online LokalBitkoins willing to accept payment by bank transfer (even PayPal). In this case, they would probably expect from a prepaid you, and then you have to rely on their integrity. It is best to first check the seller, buying a small amount of coins. 62828

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