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Age of strategy- "strategy at it's best!"(game review)

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Age of strategy- "strategy at it's best!"(game review)

Post by Belfry777 on Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:29 pm

If you've been looking for a strategy game that is turn based or not, then your like me in so many ways! About a two to three years ago I found a game called age of strategy while looking through google play and will forever cherish the moment that I first started playing, the game play is so simple, yet the game as a whole is so hard! Over 100 units to master and all are historically backed. The game today keeps my interest mostly because of the custom map maker (which I will go over a little latter.)the art work is  pixels made by very experienced artists, however the main attraction to me is the custom map maker which is accessible for free from the main menu, which allows you to make custom battles like any battle simulator.  In app perches are just about in any game you play and are usually over priced and costly, However in "Age of strategy" there is only one in app perches and the price tag is just ten dollars which in return you receive 400 gems which is enough to buy the entire upgrade sheet and have left overs, now that that's what I call a deal! However to conclude multiplayer is available and is fun to when you have a  player who is punctual when taking their turns. So if you get anything from reading PLEASE CHECK IT OUT ON GOOGLE PLAY!

note: only available on google play.

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